IDE: Workspaces

Workspaces allows you to organize your source codes into separated "projects".

A workspace is a space which contains all your files, as you see in left column (file selector).

Your primary workspace is saved in your browser. It means all your files are gone when your browser is reinstalled, or you sit behind another computer.

To avoid file loss, downloading workspace is recommended. Better way is to use an online workspaces. When you establish an user account, you got a space for your workspaces in the ASM80 cloud storage. Don't worry, they're still private.

User account

Select "Workspaces online" and log in with your favorite social account. You can use GitHub, Google, Twitter or Facebook. ASM80 does not required any "write" or "system" privilegies, just "log in".

When you log in for the very first time, an user account for you is created.

You can link another service account to your primary log in, so you can log in e.g. with your Google account as well as your GitHub account.

Workspaces online

When you are logged in, you can save all your files from your browser to the cloud storage by clicking on "Save workspace as". You can see the list of your workspaces online too. Click on the remote workspace name does "workspace switch" - active files are saved to cloud workspace, your browser filesystem are cleaned and remote workspace is opened.

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