Output controls
Select CPU type. Available values are: 8080, 8008, Z80, 6502, M6800, CDP1802, M6809, C65816
Controls machine type for emulation (only in online ASM80). Available values are: PMI, PMD, JPR, KIM, SBCZ80, SBC6502, SBC09, ZXS and CPM
.pragma srec
Makes S19 file in addition to the HEX
.pragma sna
Makes SNA file instead of HEX (only for Z80)
.pragma tap
Makes TAP file instead of HEX (only for Z80)
.pragma prg
Makes C64's PRG file instead of HEX (only for 6502) [read more] .PRAGMA PRG ;says “make .PRG instead of .HEX” .ORG $0810 ;or higher .ENT $ ;for “enter here”
.pragma com
Makes CP/M COM file instead of HEX (only for Z80/8080) [read more]
.pragma html
Makes HTML listing (instead of LST)
.pragma segment
Make separate HEX files for cseg, dseg and eseg (without this pragma are all of them in one HEX)
.pragma hexlen,X
Make HEX records X bytes long (e.g. .pragma hexlen,8 will make very short HEX line). Usable when some software needs exact length of a HEX record.
.pragma nofloat
All float numbers are stripped down to the integer (just drop all the digits after the decimal point)
.pragma float
Leave FP numbers intact
.pragma roundfloat
All FP numbers are rounded to their nearest integer
.binfrom addr
Starting address for binary download, default is 0. (Only valid for "Download BIN" function in IDE)
.binto addr
Last address for binary download (this address WILL NOT BE INCLUDED in binary file) Default is 65536. (Only valid for "Download BIN" function in IDE)
.error message
Throws an error during compile phase.
Data definition
db (aliases: defb, fcb)
Define Byte. The argument is a comma separated list of string literals or numeric expressions. The string literals are inserted in the object code, and the result of the numeric expression is inserted as a single byte, truncating it if needed. You can use DUP for entering N same values: DB 10 DUP (123) means "10 times value 123"
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